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About Me

My name Jason “FK” Edwards, a Professional Paintball Player and athlete for Tampa Bay Damage. I’m also a fitness enthusiast. Join me through the Professional Paintball Circuit, learn tips and techniques used by myself and other pros, and acquire health and fitness tips.

Here’s a quick rundown.

Name: Jason Edwards
Nick Name: “Fat Kid” or “FK”
DOB: 01/19/87 (26)
Height: 6’00
Weight: 190LBS
Years playing paintball: 12
Years playing professionally: 10
Position: Insert
Teams played seasons with: All Americans, Miami Effect, Jax Warriors, Miami Rage, Miami Raiders, Miami Hate Crew, Philadelphia Americans, and Tampa Bay Damage
Teams Guested with: Detroit Strange, Arsenal, Windsor Lockdown
Accomplishments: 2006 Boston 7man Pro, 2009 Phoenix open PSP, 2010 Chicago 7man, 2010 DC 7man, 2010 Vegas 7man, 2011 New Jersey PSP, 2011 Word Cup PSP, 2012 Galveston PSP, 2010 NPPL & 2010 PSP Series Champions
Favorite paintball moment: Winning World Cup in 2011 with my young brother “Jacob Edwards #31″ as my teammate!