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Success Stories

Here are just a few of the success stories from some of my fans. They’ve taken my tips and managed to improve their skills. I’d like for you to submit your success story, too. Submit your success story here. Thanks again!

playing in my first tourney last weekend i got caught in a 2 on 1 and being competent in this with skill after doing drills for after reading the tip ii was able to get that tight cross hand shot in on one player before getting the other to pull out the point keep these coming they help a lot

David Felch, Apr 1'2013
Hey Jason, I wanted to message you thanking you for putting out all of the tips of the weeks it has really helped me out alot. With running and gunning, Snap shootingand also off brek shooting. At the first cfps event 1 when I was playing all of my kills were off break or with running and gunning, snap shooting and also with looking for small things because I always read your tips and they help me alot... Thanks FK!!!!!

Trevor Daly, Mar 29'2013
Hi, my name is Jacob Edwards. I started playing paintball for fun when i was about 7 years old. My parents owned their own field and i only got to play a couple times. When i turned 8 years old later that year i played my first paintball tournament (World Cup 2005). I played in 2 different divisions with 2 different teams. I played for IRP skullhunters which was my parents team that my brother Jason 'FK' Edwards coached and i played for Atrocity Young Guns. After that tournament I was hooked. I played a Tampa 7 man tournament, then 2006 rolled around and I played every PSP tournament I could. Being 9 years old, it was pretty hard telling your teacher that im leaving the state to play paintball so most of the time my parents made up so excuse to get me excused from school so i could go play paintball. Las Vegas 2006 i was going to play divison 3 with a local team named epic. I showed up, and my team didnt. Jason at the time was playing with Philly Americans so he got me on their d2 team Punishers, I didnt play much but i had a really good time and when I did play I punked kids out. My brother saw me doing work on d2 kids so he put me on our home fields d3 team the skullhunters. 2006 I played d3 with the skullhunters and 2007 we moved up to d2 we never got first but almost every tournament we were in the top 4. 2007 our field closed down and skullhunters folded, my dad got a call from a team we practiced before a tournament named zero tolerance. We drove down to palm beach and i tried out I made the team and had a starting spot. I played all season with them never got first but weren't last. Sometime that season we practiced Tampa Bay Damage d1, they beat us into the ground but thats what makes you better. After this season with zero tolerance most of their guys went to college and quit paintball others quit to go to other teams, Jimmy Nilsen (owner of Paintball World) called my dad and I drove to Paintball World for a try out to play with Total Karnage. They had a d3 and a d2 team i played really well but only being 12 or 13 i was really nervous, in my mind i thought they were going to put me on the d3 team because of my age, but they didn't. I played d2 with TK for 2 full seasons 2008 and 2009. Jason was our coach all the way through those years. At the end of 2009 Jason played Vegas 2009 with TBD and that offseason Jason got TBD to practice against Total Karnage, at the end of the offseason i was on Damages practice squad and playing pro 7 man at the age of 14. TK moved up to d1 in the 2010 season I played Phoenix with them we ended up getting 2nd. Right after Phoenix, Joey Blute (TBD's manager) asked me to play pro x-ball with Damage. Of course i said yes and now in the 2013 season i still play with Damage at the age of 17. Jason 'FK' Edwards has coached me all the way though my paintball career and made me who I am. He was always hard on me, becuase he knew what i could be he saw potential in me and always told me "you have the talent you just dont have the heart, once you get the heart you will be unstoppable". Jacob Edwards #31

Jacob Edwards, Mar 13'2013, Orlando Fl
I'm not overweight, just a little out of shape but after reading your tip about working out in the off season and your story about being a fat kid and turning your life around, I was inspired to create a fitness program for myself and I now regularly workout and eat healthier. Thank you :)

Greg, Feb 27'2013, Ohio
I have been a fan of Jason Edwards since he played for the Philly All Americans. I have been watching him and studying the way he plays and works with his teammates for some time now. He has been making these weekly tips and has helped me greatly on understanding the game from a top level perspective. I have been slowly but I would also say successfully moving my way up the ranks by watching him play, reading his tips, and trying to use these tips myself to better my game. I have been consistently getting top podium finishes every time I enter a tournament. And most recently, finally finishing first in a my college tournament against teams with much higher ranking and experienced players. The improvement I have experienced in my paintball game has been tremendous. I am looking forward to reading and using more of his tips to help guide me to more victories.

Kiril Grozdanovski, Feb 27'2013
Hi Jason! I carried out the snake break perfection tip that you gave yesterday and it worked wonderfully. I'm the snake player and my home guy managed to shoot out their corner guy. I pulled up short in the snake insert and managed to eliminate my mirrored player and move down the snake. Here's the video link of the mentioned game: Thanks a lot for your tips!! Regards, Hafiz

Hafiz Asyraf, Feb 25'2013, Singapore
Jason, I have been reading your "Tip of the Week" and "Paintball Fitness" since about tip #3. I have been playing paintball for almost 20 years now. I was inspired to start tournament paintball because of Tampa Damage, since I am a Florida native. I returned stateside to Florida, after a 3 year tour in Germany (I am in the USAF), and looked for a tournament team to tryout for the 2010 season. I made a D5 line for a team (Fatality) that plays the CFPS. Unfortunately my season was cut short due to a knee injury. I was told I would never run again, and it is still not a fun activity for me. I was truly inspired by not only your ability, but your work ethic and drive. Your tips made my game improve, so what I lost in mobility I made up in skill. I have rehabilitated myself now after three years, and now I am once again playing tournament paintball. This time for Total Karnage Orlando. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us who aspire to play this great sport of paintball. Go DAMAGE!

Michael Kelsey, Feb 23'2013, United States
All these tips have helped me and my team to improve our level and made us smart players on the pitch! I recommend to all paintball players who want to improve their skills practice each of the 32 tips that Jason has posted! It is a free way to learn from one of the world's best player. Thanks for everything!

Jorge Castillo, Feb 22'2013, Guatemala
An unselfish professional providing valuable advice to divisional and professional level paintball players. Jason not only provides onfield advice and strategy, but also valuable workout advice to help all of us take our games to the next level. Since following Jason's facebook page and website, my game has improved on and off the field and I also appreciate your availability to answer questions when asked. One of the best in the biz, A+++++

Albert, Feb 21'2013, Texas
After reading Jason's tips and tricks i have become a lot more confident on the field, my ability to shoot left handed has become just ad consistent as right handed and have learnt to listen to what the rest of the team say and see their views

Zak McClenahan, Feb 21'2013, Australia
jason, first of all thank you for you tips!! the one that has helped me the most was about using a longer tank & valve set up(tip#11). I have been playing for years, and always use the shortest tank set up. thinking that it would keep me closer to the bunker. i never noticed a problem really, but i put a lot of thought into what you said, and bought a new, longer tank. it felt strange for a couple of days, but, no bullshit, i felt a difference. my biggest observation is with running and shooting. i fell more sturdy, and upright. thank you for your time, and tips. good luck for 2013, and keep up the effort!!!!! erick

erick spears, Feb 18'2013
After a clinic with Jason and Son dabilis I used the tricks I learned to go from a bottom place Mxl team to winning the series title the next year going undefeated. This guy knows his stuff

Brandon, Feb 18'2013, Canada
im not sure where to start this. but ive been playing for about 5 or so years now. but just last year starting playing competitively in speedball last season. Ive been playing with Running Riot as a backup home player. and at the beginning of the year my breakouts were dismal at best, running an gunning was not where it needed to be, an dive were non-existant. i seemed to connect with your tips because i was playing the same position as you do. some of my favorite tips that ive picked up from you were the wrap an shoot an the preplanned stack at home.. i try to put as many of your tips into play as possible, an it shows. you also mentioned in one of your tips to use dirt in pods to simulate pants so we can practice slides, dives, ect. without breaking the bank. i do this one pretty regularly now. but besides the all of this. everything that you mention an give us advise on is to make us better.. i notice that my communication is better with my team, my bums an wraps are better without a doubt an with using the dirt in my pods made it to where i can practice my dives without even having to go to a field or even have paint! i went from the new guy on this team who wasn't essential, to the home player that my team WANTS on the field when they play! its a good feeling an i really appreciate all the advice that you willing just put out for everyone to become better players. because thats what its about, keeping or community of players strong an bettering the sport where we can!!

David Bielawski, Feb 16'2013, Englewood, Fl
When it comes to being a back player tip #4, #9 and #7 are my favorite tips so far. Of course you should always take in consideration of other tips for they are just important. Though when it comes to working on the fundamentals I need to work on, these stick to me more. Currently I am the player on my team that is willing and can play any position on the field. Though at this time my team has been making me be a back player. So reading these tips have allowed me to fulfill more of the fundamental factors on knowing what more does it take to become more of an exceptional back player. Also, I am not the practice player, because I stink at practice. However, I find tip #13 #16 and #30 as a way to let me know that stinking at practice does not always have to be a bad thing. Far as I know if I did not screw up a lot during practice, I may not have gotten better when the time came to play a tournament (where a lot of those practices really come down to). Thank You Jason, awesome website great tips keep them coming, and I hope you and Damage find success in this up coming season.

Kevin, Feb 15'2013
Had the opportunity to play alongside Jason and a few others from the Damage crew this past season in the CXBL. Between the tips of the week and the on-field experience and advice I have learned a ton about my game, and the game itself. You get comfortable in your own ways and sometimes don't realize all you are doing wrong. Gun control has stood out most for me and my mid position. I learned to always be shooting with purpose and controlling to opposing side. After getting yelled at (in a nice way) after points for dropping a lane, having my gun down for more then a second, I've learned to smarten up and play a lot tighter of a game. Thanks for that and all the other info. Each and every tip has been great and I hope everyone is taking advantage and applying it to their own game. Thanks!

Jesse Benoit, Feb 15'2013, Toronto, Ontario
Had the opportunity to play with Jason on an event in Colombia for the South American League in 2011. He taught us many things, more importantly how to walk the field and prepare the game plans. His tips have helped our team, Tsunami from Colombia, win every event we played in 2012.

Felipe Mejia, Feb 15'2013, Colombia
your tips have helped me out a lot especially the one about the tunal vision i tend to get that a lot and reading about that helped me to start to get away from that also the one were you talk about shooting across field as you bump up helps a lot to im so happy that you are giving these tips away it means a lot

thomas cody, Feb 15'2013, cheshire ct
Hey Guys, Since Jason has started sharing these tips. I've noticed on field Improvements in all aspects of my game. I am only 12 so I really want to get good and these have helped so much. I noticed one week I was playing not very good, shooting bad lanes etc. So after that day's play went home, read a couple of Jason's tips. When I went back to the field two weeks later. I was noticing big improvements. My calling was up, my lanes were tighter. I wasn't dying out of my bunker so much and as I am a front player, I was getting into snake nice. Even when I played back centre (which I don't normally play) I was doing decent for my first go. So cheers Jason, Keep up the amazing week on this website. Cheers Josh.

Josh Dow, Feb 15'2013, Nelson, New Zealand
Your Too many Chief's not enough Indians piece hit home pretty good. On my current team. We have too many said "Chiefs" we suffered dearly last season because of it. In the post-season we analyzed ourselves and everyone learned their place. We are looking strong next season!

C.J, Feb 15'2013, California
Hey Jason, I wanted to say thanks a lot for everything your doing for us. I have been playing paintball since the spyder xtra was the gun to have. I have been playing tournaments for over 10 years now, and have had to teach myself how to play because no one wanted to help out. I started going from team to team picking up what I could learn from other players. These tips have helped me out a lot because I have a foundation to look at. There was a lot of things like running and shooting. It was something I practiced but didnt have the right technique. Plus I couldn't learn from others who where lower level than me. Also, I play snake, originally I would shoot first and scan later. I wouldn't take a second to really look at what was needed and most of the time i would die for no reason. Another body thrown away. I think my biggest challange was not making moves, but trying to move in the right spots. This all comes with practice, now I am playing for FAU paintball team and going to be playing at the NCPA Nationals this April. We are going for the gold. I thank you again for these awesome tips. I can see how people can take this for granted, I can say I wont and again thanks a lot. God Bless. P.S. If you guys ever need a pit member, feel free to message me. lol. All joking aside thanks again.

Hector Juan, Feb 15'2013, Port St Lucie, Fl
FK and I started grinding on the national circuit about the same time around 2004. Over the years I competed with and against him on several teams and have always preferred him on my side as apposed the other shooting back. This man has never failed to inspire on and off the field. Jason's style and discipline could only be described as his own. Almost as impressive as his paintball skill set is a work ethic and level of dedication second to none. Many pros I have meet that manage to reach such a level of paintball stardom begin to develop attitude of arrogance towards lesser players or competitors but Jason proves his loyalty to fans and up and comers with each article published. Keep up the strong work Jay your doin it right...

LP Everett, Feb 15'2013
Hey Jason, I just wanted to stop by and say that all of your tips as well as your style of play has helped mold me into a better player overall. You're easily one of my favorite players to watch on the webcasts or in raw footage videos. When I first began playing paintball, I was a front player no matter what and sucked at playing a middle or back position. After watching you closely, I was able to pick up a lot of your skills and adapt them to my playing style. Now I'm a more versatile player and I have the ability to play all across the field. Thanks for the tips and thanks to Social and PBA for the footage of you playing. Without all of that, I don't think my game would've elevated the way it has.

Byron Woodfork, Feb 15'2013, Chicago
Hey Jason, Here is my success story. Ive been playing paintball for about 10 years now. However about 9 of theses years were just shooting friends in corn fields or the back bush. when I moved away for school I got a job at our local field Flag Raiders as a Ref. Getting so involved at the local field I began to play more speedball on a regular basis. At the end of last season I joined a small CX4 team in Canada where we competed in the CXBl all across central Canada. We were definitely the underdogs and nobody thought we had any skill, but we practiced hard (your tips definitely helped myself improve) and we ended up winning first place, almost undefeated, in our division. Since then I have bumped up 2 whole divisions and am now playing with more talented players! Got to say your tips definitely helped me become the player that I am today and I imagine it has helped many others! Thanks for the dedication to us as players and to the sport! Branden

Branden Walker, Feb 15'2013, Waterloo, Ontario
Hi my name is Kevin. And i play in Las Vegas for a team called Northside Empire. I appreciate your tips and helping others with your tips. I think your tips are very helpful and i use them in practice and try to accomplsih them. And i look forward to your next tips. Thanks for your time Kevin.

Kevin Aguilar, Feb 15'2013
My name is Andre Gravelle i am 20 years old i started playing paintball in 2011 with my older brother joey.We tried out for a rxl divison team in the cxbl called niagara aces we did not even know bunkers names everyone at the tryout was shooting ramp 15.4 we did not even know what ramp was we were shooting semi wondering how they were so fast at shooting but we were very aggressive i knew that if i went all they way down the snake i would shoot them in the back easy kills and that's what i did and got noticed we both got picked up by the niagara aces we finished 3rd overall that season the next season me and my brother joey were very hungry getting 3rd sucks we started to practice 2x a week it was expensive but we were willing to do whatever it takes to win.My second season with niagara aces we won 1st in central division and made it to nax. During nax it was our third game and i dove into the snake and broke my hand i sat the rest of the game the next game i taped my hand and i was good to go not really but i had to play there's just something about paintball it is the most addictive sport i have ever played i love it. I played 3 more games with a broken hand diving into the snake crawling everything was pain full but mind over matter we made it to the championship it was a tough game but we lost i learned a lot from losing we were so close. This year i am playing mxl with Brooklyn mafia and i am playing in the psp division 1 with toronto force. Thank you jason for taking your time posting tips and videos it has helped me a lot it was cool that you came over to canada and played in the cxbl.

Andre Gravelle, Feb 15'2013, Ontario, Canada
I am Tan yu zheng and i am 18. I started playing paintball a year ago and felt it love with it. Over the first year i didn't play any tournament at all, i helped a division 3 team being their crew and watching them play from the outside.It was the middle of the year when i found your facebook page and started reading your tips.From there i try to learn and apply your tips on the field, every training trying to apply your tip and other people helping out to brush me up. By the end of the year i could see the big improvement in my skills,there were people to guide me but reading your tips was an extra and detail tip to help me. This year i was recruited into a division two team, it a big thing for me since i never had any tournament experience but i think it will be a good experience for me this season. I am not a successful paintball player yet but what i am trying to say is i am grateful there is someone like you who are willing to share tips to improve the community in paintball and for that thank you. I am really thankful for you giving tips every week, keep up with the good work! Hopefully you have an amazing season this year, all the best!!

Tan Yu Zheng, Feb 15'2013, Malaysia
I took Jason's advice on the running and gunning and it has helped so much. I have been working on this in the off season and I have started to see big improvements. He also had a tip about setting up your tank a little farther back and that helps a lot with the running and gunning. What I love is that if you watch a video of Jason you can see him using his tips. Everybody should tak a look at his tips and help yourself out.

Nate, Feb 15'2013, Peoria,Illinois
Doubt it really counts as a success story, but I've been following you on facebook since around when you started doing Tip of the Week. Your tips are so useful at making me think about things that usually would be automatic and make me realise where I've been going wrong. I try to pass on your tips to the rest of my team as I really think their useful. Please keep doing them!

Faris, Feb 15'2013, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
geat tips to have. i use them alot when playing and coahing others. keep up the good work! great succes!

Lars, Feb 15'2013, Norway
I have been playing for a bit but a few of the small points he brings up make you think and putting them into practice changes the level of your game quite a lot, it's the little things which make a big difference! :D

Tom :), Feb 6'2013, England
First I would like to say how big of a Tampa Bay Damage fan I am. I got into paintball a little later in life then most but I have come a long way from shooting a tippmann 98. All the tips I have readfrom Jason have helped me improve into a successful player no matter if its in the woods or in a tournement. My first big eye opening moment was at an open practice at my home field, Wolverine Paintball in Hendersonville NC, that consisted of me and a number of d4 and d3 players. I ofcourse have not played in a CFOA tourny as of yet and felt very outgunned since all the other players had years of tournement expierence and much better equipment then myself. Once we started playing I realized that all my fear was for nothing because all the little tips tricks and advice had leveled the playing field and I impressed alot of people that day.

Jamie Cooper, Feb 6'2013
I've been following Jason's tips since day 1 and have definitely seen an improvement in my game. Thanks FK! Keep up the great work man! MVP!

Jeff, Feb 6'2013, Orlando, FL