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Tip #15: Dside = Dependable Side

Oct 22, 2012 by Jason "FK" Edwards in Tip of the Week | Comments


The majority of fields will have a Dside (pit side) and a Snake side (spectator side). The majority of teams in 5 man stack three players snake side and two players dside. In 7 man the majority of teams flood the snake with 4 players, 1 player in the center, and 2 dside.

Playing the D-side limits your fame credit and you are seen rarely in the videos. Is this because the side is boring or not flashy? Absolutely not, in fact the majority of the game breaking plays, the big unheard of moves, and the vicious gun battles all take place on the D-side. However it is on the pit side and the spectators get caught up watching what ever is happening closest to them.

Now with that said, any team in the higher ranks know their Dside players are some of their greatest players. D-side players tend to be calmer, more aware of the field, better gun fighters, and better communicators.

The reason for this is simple, a Dorito bunker is normally set up for a snake to shoot him, so dorito players are forced to live behind their guns, communicate effectively to know when the other team is in the snake since they are the furthest from the coaching side, they are forced to survive due to the other side having more players, and each bump is not protected by a beam so they have to gun fight for each move.

I feel that in order for any player to reach their maximum skill level, they should have to practice every part of the field. Snake players should practice Dside and Dside players should practice snake side. That way you learn the strengths and weakness, and you learn not to blame one side or another for a loss. You will see what your teammate goes through each point and how you can help them when your on the opposing side.

So as a Dorito player you need to focus on those strengths and drill these as much as possible!
-Gun Battling
-Staying alive
-Smart conservative bumps/moves
-Field awareness

- FK

Have you been using my tips? Id’ like to know if they’ve helped you, please submit your success story and let me know if I’ve been any help. Thanks!

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