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Tip #16: Fear The Quiet Ones

Oct 23, 2012 by Jason "FK" Edwards in Tip of the Week | Comments


Due to World Cup coming up this week, I felt it was fair to throw you guys a little extra advice. Have you ever heard the term “It’s not the loud ones you have to keep an eye on, it’s the quiet ones who keep to themselves.” Well it’s a great term to live by in the paintball world.

A player/team who doesn’t mind if people trash talk them, over shoot them, or doesn’t give them the respect they deserve. The players/teams who shoots you with a smile, tells you good game no matter what, win or lose they prepare for the next match with out stressing the last match, those are the people to fear.

When a team over shoots you, take it as a compliment. Tell yourself they did it because they fear you and they are trying to keep you from playing the next point. Tell yourself the team who trash talks isn’t familiar with the feeling of beating you and its getting to their heads. The people who cant smile are afraid and not enjoying the sport like you.

So going into World Cup remember, you only get this chance once a year. Speaking from experience, there is no better feeling than winning World Cup. Especially when you win with your friends and you know that all of the hard work and dedication you put in all year just paid off!

Focus on these
-Stay focused
-Have fun
-Remain calm

- FK

Have you been using my tips? Id’ like to know if they’ve helped you, please submit your success story and let me know if I’ve been any help. Thanks!

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