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Tip #20: Running and Shooting Technique

Nov 19, 2012 by Jason "FK" Edwards in Tip of the Week | Comments


Many times you will find the best way to shoot someone off break is by advancing towards a bunker further than the back center and shooting the entire way out there. Or making a risky corner may be easier if your placing shots accurately back at the shooters.

Running and shooting is one of the hardest skills to obtain. Its the abdominal muscle dream that most people have. Its the aspect of paintball that every person wants! Nothing looks or feels better than shooting someone out of a bunker while your sprinting out in the open shooting them in the face. However this skill is the hardest to master, mainly because there are so many factors that change with every stride. The gun is shaking, your body is moving, the angle is changing, you have to know where your at and where your bunker is, and your out in the open most of time watching on-coming paint.

The best way to achieve this talent is by breaking down every challenge and practicing them one at a time. Learn to crawl before walking, walking before jogging, and jogging before sprinting.

Shaking gun: The gun is the easiest to control. The tank needs to be pressed firmly into your shoulder/peck gap, using your front hand to keep the pressure there.

Body Moving: Stride heel to toe, this allows your feet to hit the ground evenly, and your legs bend and push freely. Secure your upper body by using your abdomen muscles, and lean forward to use your body’s momentum for speed and stability. Imagine your body as a bi-pod with wheels. Top is sturdy no shaking, legs are movable but not bouncy, and feet are heel to toe like the wheel rolling. ***Tighten your pack and pull up your pants!!! Nothing makes it harder to shoot accurately than your pack beating the hell out of your back and your pants down to your butt with every stride***

Where you are and angle changing: As you run the angle of your shot changes. Take into consideration your movement and the bunkers in your way. If your running towards the right, you want to aim slightly to the left. Just as if you were shooting into the wind. By noticing the angle difference on your target, you should have an idea of your distance till your bunker.

On-coming paint: Remember there are no rules that says you have to run straight to your bunker. If you see a lane stop, if you don’t continue. Maybe you can go even further. Remember though make your shots count, if you get shot but shoot that person too, then you are of no loss.

Practice this at a slower pace, working on one thing at a time, get the movement down first with no paint in your gun, but use a full pack. Then add paint and a target or do it in practice. Gradually build speed.

- FK

Have you been using my tips? Id’ like to know if they’ve helped you, please submit your success story and let me know if I’ve been any help. Thanks!

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