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Tip #26: Gun Control

Jan 10, 2013 by Jason "FK" Edwards in Tip of the Week | Comments


People often concentrate so much on aiming their shots, that they miss whats happening around them. The vertical feed helped teach people to shoot with both eyes open, but that still isn’t enough to stop the tunnel vision. As you shoot, your eyes want to adjust at the target you’re aiming at and by doing so your eyes focus on a distant object which causes you to lose sight of your surroundings.

This is the main struggle for most people who try to play over the top of their bunker for too long. The best way to break the habit of tunnel vision is simply by becoming one with your gun.

-The more you use your gun the more natural it feels.
-The more you practice shooting at an object while looking another direction will teach you to allow your head to move around with out making your gun sway.
-A firm grip and steady pressure on your gun is a must, but a death squeeze will cause you to move because your muscles are tensed up.

- FK

Have you been using my tips? Id’ like to know if they’ve helped you, please submit your success story and let me know if I’ve been any help. Thanks!

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