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Tip #27: Pre-planned Stacking

Jan 16, 2013 by Jason "FK" Edwards in Tip of the Week | Comments

317999_10151235036561379_511291936_nI am sure you have all seen the pros double up a bunker and a look so smooth, one person gets in really tight while the other plays off of them as tight as possible. Living and battling in the most awkward forms but making it work and look as if it was pre-planned. Well the reason for that, is the stack was already discussed and all of the main factors have been discussed and the choices have been made well before the points start.

*For instance the back center stack in this photo* The dorito side had the better edger side, so the dorito back center player goes in first and gets as tight as possible. The Snake side back player comes in behind his teammate standing taller allowing him more movement to battle and still hold a dominate form.

The factors that influence a decision to know who should be the tight or loose are as followed…
-Side of the field with the best edge bunkers=Tight side
-First to move from back center=Loose Side
-Person who needs to stand tall for a better shooting lane=Loose
-Size of players stacking a bunker=Varies

**Communication between the two players stacking a bunker is crucial. It is the single most important thing about stacking a bunker. It can save the other persons life and can create many surprise wrap around shots.**

So stop bumping into each other, knocking each other down, and fumbling over each others packs. Practice this technique because it is very crucial!

- FK

Have you been using my tips? Id’ like to know if they’ve helped you, please submit your success story and let me know if I’ve been any help. Thanks!

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