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Tip #28: Hide & Seek

Jan 25, 2013 by Jason "FK" Edwards in Tip of the Week | Comments


I would never take credit as being the person who started playing paintball out in the open instead of directly behind a bunker, but I will say that this move has been incorporated into my style of play and has become a very popular move in the generation of paintball. The skill takes a lot to not only perform it, but to perform it effectively, safely, and graceful.

There is not one single reason why someone gets shot while blinding/mirroring/ or shadowing out the opponent, but multiple reasons.

-Accuracy, while out in the open you need to ensure that the shot your looking for is not wasted by poor accuracy.

-Confidence, you must be confident that the reason your making this risky move is worth the chances of you being shot and that you can place your shot before you opponent finds his shot on you.

-Lack of pre-planning, Before making a move out into the open, you should already have a plan in your head for all of the outcomes. You should know what your going to do if you make your shot, miss your shot, or an opponent makes a move.

This is something that takes time to perfect and cant not be practiced only in a target drill or 1vs1 match. This is something you should work on when you find yourself in practice with a long drawn out game and no easier move or when someone spots you making a move and your able to drop prior using a bunker that is not directly in your use as a shield.

Mirroring/blinding/shadowing people out is an excellent skill to develop in paintball and can be crucial for those game closing and game changing situations. Once what seemed so hard to do, will become natural.

- Jason “FK” Edwards, #13

Have you been using my tips? Id’ like to know if they’ve helped you, please submit your success story and let me know if I’ve been any help. Thanks!

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